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3F Vision Company Ltd. was established in 2006 and our aim is to promote the market under its own brand 3F quality products in the optical and sports market segment in affordable price ranges.

Philosophy is already included in the name 3F - Feeling - Freedom - Fun (Feeling - Freedom - Joy) and characterize our vision to manufacture products in which you will feel great. We use the latest technology and materials. Some products are only available under the brand 3F.

Priority is building 3F, under which you will find only quality for your sport or non-sport activities. In addition to the classic range we also manufacture private label options. Currently the brand is distributed in 3F Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Ireland and the Netherlands.

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Photochromic 1465z

3F Photochromic 1465z

The sports Photochromic sunglasses in a orange and black version with brown lenses, with self-tinting lenses with a polarizing...

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62,20 EUR incl. VAT
 Volcanic II 1451

3F VISION Volcanic II 1451

The Volcanic II 1451 sunglasses are a news of the Special line. They are provided with above-standard equipment. They are provi...

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52,40 EUR incl. VAT
Photochromic 1162

3F Photochromic 1162

The sports Photochromic sunglasses in a white-and-black version with grey lenses, with self-tinting lenses we also offer a che...

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52,40 EUR incl. VAT
MX Carbon 2107

3F VISION MX Carbon 2107

MX gloves 3F Carbon model is designed not only for motocross riders, but also for downhill MTB riders who need full coverage pa...

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21,30 EUR incl. VAT
Slide 1259

3F VISION Slide 1259

Slide 1259. The goggles are provided with a polarizing filter that lets only vertical waves through, eliminates reflections fro...

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52,40 EUR incl. VAT


Attack 1741

3F Attack 1741

Attack - Unisex travel frame with polarized lenses in filter category 3 with purple REVO coa...

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31,10 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)
Slide 8049

3F VISION Slide 8049

In stock
50,72 EUR 0% sale 50,70 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)
Shift 1732

3F Shift 1732

The children's or teenages sunglasses are suitable for sports as well as everyday use. The ...

In stock
13,60 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)


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