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3F Vision Company Ltd. was established in 2006 and our aim is to promote the market under its own brand 3F quality products in the optical and sports market segment in affordable price ranges.

Philosophy is already included in the name 3F - Feeling - Freedom - Fun (Feeling - Freedom - Joy) and characterize our vision to manufacture products in which you will feel great. We use the latest technology and materials. Some products are only available under the brand 3F.

Priority is building 3F, under which you will find only quality for your sport or non-sport activities. In addition to the classic range we also manufacture private label options. Currently the brand is distributed in 3F Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Ireland and the Netherlands.

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Defence 1734

3F Defence 1734

The playful design of the Defense model leaves no doubt that it is a very popular model. The glasses are equipped with standard...

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15,60 EUR incl. VAT
 Volcanic II 1451

3F VISION Volcanic II 1451

The Volcanic II 1451 sunglasses are a news of the Special line. They are provided with above-standard equipment. They are provi...

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52,80 EUR incl. VAT
Loppet 1500

3F VISION Loppet 1500

Revolution in cross country glasses is here. Lightweight atypical frame with adjustable resistance positioning plate. Triple hy...

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58,70 EUR incl. VAT
Stub 1692

3F VISION Stub 1692

Top product of our production model Stub. The frame design enables perfect peripheral vision. Shatterproof glass, triple hypera...

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50,80 EUR incl. VAT
Photochromic 1225

3F Photochromic 1225

The sports Photochromic sunglasses in a black-and-white version with grey lenses, with self-tinting lenses we also offer a che...

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52,80 EUR incl. VAT


Eternal 1795

3F Eternal 1795

Top-fitted glasses for the most demanding users who want to be sure of good, high-quality an...

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27,40 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)
Version 1722

3F Version 1722

Version Sports Sunglasses in black lime finish, with contrasting lenses varying in intensity...

In stock
62,60 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)
Pure II. 1753

3F VISION Pure II. 1753

The Pure model is a new offer of this year's season and is intended for women and teenagers....

In stock
31,30 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)


Gel Shock 1530

3F Gel Shock 1530

The sports cycling Gel Shock gloves meet hight requirements for convenience. The bottom pa...

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14,83 EUR 0% sale 14,80 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)

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