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3F Vision Company Ltd. was established in 2006 and our aim is to promote the market under its own brand 3F quality products in the optical and sports market segment in affordable price ranges.

Philosophy is already included in the name 3F - Feeling - Freedom - Fun (Feeling - Freedom - Joy) and characterize our vision to manufacture products in which you will feel great. We use the latest technology and materials. Some products are only available under the brand 3F.

Priority is building 3F, under which you will find only quality for your sport or non-sport activities. In addition to the classic range we also manufacture private label options. Currently the brand is distributed in 3F Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Ireland and the Netherlands.

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Photochromic 1445

3F Photochromic 1445

The sports Photochromic sunglasses in a titan-and-white version with grey lenses, with self-tinting lenses with a polarizing fi...

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62,20 EUR incl. VAT
Slide 1185

3F VISION Slide 1185

Slide 1185. The goggles are provided with a polarizing filter that lets only vertical waves through, eliminates reflections fro...

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52,40 EUR incl. VAT
Slide 1260

3F VISION Slide 1260

Slide 1260. The Slide goggles are our permanently offered product and their advantage is indisputably the compatibility with al...

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46,60 EUR incl. VAT
Assassin 1658

3F Assassin 1658

Hot new in the MX segment from 3F. Modern frame in catchy design with top ventilation and two visors in filter categories S0 an...

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47,40 EUR incl. VAT
Racing team 2108

3F VISION Racing team 2108

The sports cycling Racing team gloves meet hight requirements for convenience. The bottom palm part is made of nylon breathab...

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13,60 EUR incl. VAT




Dioptric reading glasses +0,5 - +4 in the scale of half-dioptres. Rims colour - pink-and-bl...

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6,53 EUR 0% sale 6,50 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)
Evolution 1661

3F Evolution 1661

Evolution goggle glasses with a distinctive design, fitted with reflective glasses, ventilat...

In stock
47,40 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)
Shot 1622

3F Shot 1622

Sunglasses with polarized lenses at a discounted price, suitable for both leisure and drivin...

In stock
17,80 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)


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