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3F Vision Company Ltd. was established in 2006 and our aim is to promote the market under its own brand 3F quality products in the optical and sports market segment in affordable price ranges.

Philosophy is already included in the name 3F - Feeling - Freedom - Fun (Feeling - Freedom - Joy) and characterize our vision to manufacture products in which you will feel great. We use the latest technology and materials. Some products are only available under the brand 3F.

Priority is building 3F, under which you will find only quality for your sport or non-sport activities. In addition to the classic range we also manufacture private label options. Currently the brand is distributed in 3F Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Ireland and the Netherlands.

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Zoom 1395

3F Zoom 1395

Compact design and effective white-red and-blue colour version of the Zoom model. The sunglasses offer high stability even duri...

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25,80 EUR incl. VAT
Naked 1403

3F VISION Naked 1403

Naked 1403. The Naked goggles withstand the strictest criteria of lovers of snowboards as well as skis. The spacious frame with...

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44,30 EUR incl. VAT
Master 1469

3F Master 1469

Staying power of the Master sunglasses design. Big visual continuous area provides maximum visual effect that can ever be reach...

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25,80 EUR incl. VAT
Slide 1259

3F VISION Slide 1259

Slide 1259. The goggles are provided with a polarizing filter that lets only vertical waves through, eliminates reflections fro...

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48 EUR incl. VAT
Note 1415

3F VISION Note 1415

Note 1415. The Note model with an exquisite frame design thanks to which the goggles are excellently compatible with a helmet, ...

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49,90 EUR incl. VAT


Boost 1519

3F VISION Boost 1519

Top product of our production model Boost. The frame design enables perfect peripheral visio...

In stock
81,30 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)


Dioptric reading glasses +0,5 - 4 in the scale of half-dioptres. Rims colour - black-and-pi...

In stock
6,10 EUR
incl. VAT (15%)
Cyclone 1502

3F VISION Cyclone 1502

Cyclone series is hot news in our range for skiers who wear prescription glasses. Greater de...

In stock
44,31 EUR 0% sale 44,30 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)


Edge 1417

3F VISION Edge 1417

Edge 1417. These goggles are distinguished by their modern line and design. The maximum visi...

Not in stock
48 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)
Slide 1407

3F VISION Slide 1407

Slide 1407. The Slide goggles are our permanently offered product and their advantage is ind...

In stock
39,90 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)
Anti-skid shoe cover

3F VISION Anti-skid shoe cover

Rust-free metal spikes provide good protection against slipping and falling on slippery or i...

In stock
12,01 EUR 0% sale 12 EUR
incl. VAT (21%)

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