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3F Mesh 1436

3F Mesh 1436 - Mesh 1436

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The Mesh sunglasses are a news of the Travel line. They are provided with above-standard equipment. They are provided with self-tinting oculars with a polarizing filter, i.e. special finish of lenses that  considerably reduces reflected light and reacts to intensity of UV radiation. Therefore, the sunglasses provide better visibility mainly at sea as well as on a snow cover, they are excellent also for drivers – a wet road does not reflect light. Further, the sunglasses are equipped with photochromic lenses. Naturally, they are provided with normalized UV sunfilters in the scale of S2 – S3.v

Producer 3F
UV 400 (UVA, UVB, UVC)
SUNFILTER Kategorie 2
SUNFILTER Kategorie 3

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