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3F VISION Anti-skid shoe cover

3F VISION Anti-skid shoe cover

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Rust-free metal spikes provide good protection against slipping and falling on slippery or icy surfaces. Because they are made of elastomer, their use also suitable wet and extremely low temperatures. Anti-skid shoe cover  can easily be stretched to any type of footwear (shoes larger size is recommended to use  shoe on one number larger than your normal size). Thanks to its special design and compactness fully embrace the toe and heel and prevents any slippage sleeve.

Their advantage is the low weight and flexibility, which guarantees easy handling and easy storage. Try Anti-skid shoe cover 3F yourself, footwear is almost can feel! Anti-skid shoe cover 3F are intended for technical climbing.

  10 high quality rust-free tips
     Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL)

     Color: Black
     Material: elastomer low temperatures
     Weight: 220 g

vel. S EU34-38 vel. M EU38-42 vel. L EU42-45 size. XL EU45-48

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