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3F VISION Slide 1259

3F VISION Slide 1259 - Slide 1259 3F VISION Slide 1259 - Slide 1259

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Slide 1259. The goggles are provided with a polarizing filter that lets only vertical waves through, eliminates reflections from glossy areas (water, snow, glass) and thus ensures your perception of image without unpleasant optical noises and dazzling.   The filter also enhances your perception of colours. The goggles are compatible with all kinds of helmets.  VAF antifog prevents misting. Only 3F models are provided with the VAF technology. Sun filter S2

Producer 3F VISION
UV 400 (UVA, UVB, UVC)
Barevná specifikace skel - HNĚDÁ
SUNFILTER Kategorie 3

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